Description of common Adversarial Decision Time Attacks and ways to deal with them

This is part 2 of my series on Adversarial Machine Learning. For a gentle introduction to adversarial Machine Learning, you can refer to Part1


As mentioned in previous blog, decision time attacks are the ones in which the attacker attacks the learned models or decisions made by models which have been learned and either changes the way it functions or makes changes in the observed environment so that the model gives erroneous results. The most important type of decision time attack is Evasion attack.

Evasion Attacks on Machine Learning Models

The learned model…

A brief intro on protecting ML algorithms from adversaries.


This series has been broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Introduction to the field of Adversarial Machine learning
  2. Decision Time Attacks and ways to defend them
  3. Poisoning Attacks and ways to defend them

With a growing use of machine learning models in various applications there is a parallel increase in their risk from adversary. Thus, there is a demanding need for devising several security strategies to protect the machine learning models from harm. This lays the path for study in the science of adversarial machine learning. …

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